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Stacie Carden

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About Me

Hi there, I’m Stacie!

I’m a comfy tee & leggings, brunch enthusiast, baking with love (and lots of chocolate chips) mama of two little boys, and a teacher’s wife. I have also been an e-com shop owner for the past 6 years, making handmade items, but realized making physical products and juggling motherhood of two was leaving me burnt out!

I love the creative aspect of design and strategy but also find the statistical side of marketing so interesting. I know what it’s like juggling small biz + mom life on top of everything else! That is why I started Social with Stacie, to relieve the stress of social media for women entrepreneurs, so they could get back that valuable time to focus on their passions & goals or making those ‘good ol day’ style memories with family.

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